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Avoid These 3 New Construction Pitfalls

Many buyers are unsure of what they’re getting themselves into when buying a new construction home. Today, we share some of the most common mistakes new construction buyers make so you can take the steps to avoid them.

  1.  The number one mistake people make is not hiring a real estate agent. Agents know a lot about what’s going on with the market, and can help you negotiate with the builder’s agent. There are so many points that we are going to bring to your attention that the builder’s agent may just skim over with you. And even though you might really get along with the builder’s agent, you need to remember that they are not working for YOU. Right in the contract, it states that the builder’s agent is working for the builder. You deserve to have someone representing YOUR needs.
  2. Another mistake people make is not reading the fine print. You need to know what you’re signing. People have lost earnest money because they went in too quickly and signed the contract.
  3. Finally, you’ve got to know the market. If you don’t know what’s happening in the market, you could end up overpaying for a home. Keep in mind that things like landscaping and window coverings are not included in the price of the home. Those are expenses you will incur after the fact.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help you navigate your new construction!

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