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    Homeownership Still a Great Investment

    Homeownership Still a Great Investment | Keeping Current Matters

    Four recent news articles confirmed that most Americans still see real estate as a great long term investment. The Gallup organization polled the American people and discovered that they believe that real estate is a better long term investment than stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings or bonds:

    Americans: Real Estate is Best Long Term Investment | Keeping Current Matters

    A second survey was done by Edelman Berland which showed that:

    Importance of Real Estate to Long-Term Investing | Keeping Current Matters

    At the same time, Tim Rood, chairman of the business advisory firm The Collingwood Group, explained that real estate is:

    “…one of the last legitimate wealth creation opportunities…The leveraged return if you put down 10 percent on a house, the trajectory of appreciation lately is you’re going to get your money back inside of a year and then after that 5 to 10 percent appreciation rates. It’s phenomenal.”

    Bottom Line

    Real estate continues to be a sensational long term investment. If you need help with any of your real estate needs, contact a local real estate professional and discuss the opportunities available in today’s market.




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